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Any school can teach you to be a security officer. In order to get or maintain your NJ SORA certification, you must receive your initial and refresher training from a New Jersey State Police certified instructor. Many instructors at local or on-line schools are not NJSP certified. All of AFI Security Training Institute's instructors are NJSP certified.

News & Honors:
AFI's Director, Fern Abbott was invited to address the NJ State Police Private Detective Unit’s 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 class for SORA (Security Officer Registration Act) instructors on "How To Be An Effective Instructor." Of 350+ currently certified NJ SORA instructors, she was the only instructor asked to make this presentation to an instructor’s class.

In 2014, Fern Abbott was part of a 3-person panel sponsored by the ASIS Security Services Council, on security officer training trends ("What Was, What Is, What’s Yet to Come”) at the ASIS International Annual Convention and Seminar....  Her panel was one of the few invited back for a repeat performance in 2016, as part of ASIS’s new “Best of…” program, and Fern was appointed lead speaker.


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